Barbara’s Story

“The impact of the Canadian Nurses Foundation’s support persists beyond the academic years.”

barbara“You can do it.  You have wanted to finish your BScN for a long time now. Just go for it! We’ll manage somehow.” 

I still clearly remember my husband telling me to study full-time instead of doing one course at a time. I was already in my mid-forties, a Registered Nurse and passionate about my career but also believed my degree would open new doors and opportunities.   I was so keen to do it but also wondered how exactly we would “manage”.  We were both working at the time and were raising our 3 children.  We already had a full schedule with our children’s sports, music, scouts, guides and other volunteer activities.

And I was concerned about the impact to our budget if I stopped work to go to university full-time. Was I being selfish? Shouldn’t I be saving for the children’s education?

Then I read about the Canadian Nurses Foundation Baccalaureate scholarship and applied. I was ecstatic to learn that I had been chosen to receive one.  It was this financial support that made the difference and facilitated my full-time study.  It was also so encouraging to have CNF believe in me. It was still a very full and busy time, however, being able to focus just on my courses and family was wonderful.

In 1995 I graduated first in my class, Summa Cum Laude and I was right! The BScN did open doors to new opportunities.  I moved from tertiary care to a challenging nursing role in an interdisciplinary team in the downtown core.  After ten years I switched nursing careers again and focused on informatics, customizing and implementing electronic health records in primary care clinics. I recently completed my professional nursing career doing Quality Assurance for health care software

Though recently retired I am still passionate about nursing as a career and strongly encourage people to consider it.  I would not have had such a long, fulfilling and challenging career without the BScN degree to open the doors.

There are limitless possibilities of careers for well-educated nurses. CNF’s financial and encouraging support is what can make the difference as they pursue their dreams.

Thank you for supporting me years ago.  Now I’m asking you to make a donation and help make another nurse’s dream come true!

Happy Holidays,





Barbara Lagueux