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CNF award recipients celebrate together

Imagine the excitement in the room when 20 CNF award recipients simultaneously raised their hands at the CNF reception – what a great sense of community and belonging! All these wonderful nurses, who are part of an even larger community thank YOU for your ongoing support!  (If any of the 20 award recipients would like a personal copy of the photo, please e-mail info@cnf-fiic.ca.)



Tina Keeper

I was honoured to be CNF’s Honorary Guest at their Biennial Reception in Winnipeg. I was inspired by the role of the CNF and their commitment to engaging corporate sponsors such as the TD Bank for educational support for nurses, and designated support for Aboriginal nurses.  I heard from Aboriginal nurses that their studies are often focussed on traditional Indigenous knowledge in health, and that they are committed to their own communities.  I know that nurses provide care and expertise at the most vulnerable times of our lives.  As an infant, I was kept alive by a nurse at our remote nursing station until a bush pilot flew in during a horrible storm and my dad carried me onto the plane to be flown to nearest hospital.  I also recently lost my dear mom, and the care and the kindness we received from the nursing staff will never be forgotten by our family. The CNF should be ever proud of their efforts. Ekosani, thank you.”



Rob Calnan

Rob is a long-time CNF monthly donor. “I believe deeply that Canada’s nurses are the very backbone of our healthcare system. That’s why I invest in nursing’s future through the Canadian Nurses Foundation. And I want other nurses – and people from all walks of life – to invest right along with me.”





Thank you, TD Bank, for sponsoring CNF’s Biennial Reception.



CNF award recipients from coast to coast to coast



Randi Brown (BC) bacc

I am passionate about creating equity in health services for the marginalized  people of our communities. And your support is helping me reach my goal of becoming a street outreach nurse.





Christopher Stephens (AB) masters

I am passionate about continuity of care and promoting the health of individuals and their community. As a nurse practitioner, I will now be able to promote health, focus on illness and injury prevention, including advocating for appropriate immunizations, and working with patients, families, and communities to achieve their optimal health.


AOdunugaAdeola Odunuga (SK) bacc

A golden opportunity like this scholarship will provide me with lots of possibilities to contribute immensely towards the success and progress of the healthcare system, both locally and internationally.



Martin Herzan (ON) bacc

My experience in naturopathic medicine will serve me well as I embark on my nursing career. The philosophy of nursing resonates with me – addressing the needs of the whole patient, emphasizing prevention, acting as an educator and advocate – and thanks to your support, I will now be able to combine nursing and naturopathic medicine to provide the best care possible for my patients.



LMerryLisa Merry (QC) PhD

Now in my final PhD year, Iaim to uncover factors that are associated with emergency caesarean birth in migrant women.  I am specifically interested in studying ways to better support and optimize care in the Canadian healthcare system to meet the needs of these women.



TMalcolmForanTwila Malcolm-Foran (NB) bacc

I have an absolute passion for nursing, especially community health. This award has provided me with the confidence to continue providing safe, ethical, compassionate nursing care for my clients in the clinical setting. And I also hope to be able to personally support the education of future First Nations nursing students.

For more information about CNF’s 2014-2015 award recipients, go to cnf-fiic.ca



Research updates

We’re pleased to announce the renewal of our collaborative research agreement with Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) to support research that advances the practice of nursing with an emphasis on nursing care issues. Learn more at cnf-fiic.ca

CNF is also delighted to announce a new research funding project in partnership with the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and 12 other partners which will tackle the growing onset of dementia and related illnesses and aims to improve the lives of Canadians with these illnesses, as well as their families and caregivers. For more details, go to cnf-fiic.ca


CNF salutes a true ambassador

It is with fond gratitude that CNF says a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Dr. Wilbert Keon, who has stepped down as chair of the CNF Board of Directors after five incredible years of leadership and commitment. Dr. Keon is a firm believer in the power of nurses and nursing “I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work alongside nurses for most of my career – and to see, first-hand, the tremendous good that they contribute to the world”. His amazing ability to champion that message has helped CNF grow its support from private and corporate donors, and launch its successful annual Nightingale Gala fundraiser.  His belief that CNF will continue to make a difference in your life and the lives of all Canadians inspires us now and for the future.  Thank you Dr. Keon for your stellar support, your passion, and your commitment to the nurses of today and tomorrow.

We will miss you!

CBuckleyMessage from the Executive Director

The summer has come and gone, many of you have just celebrated Thanksgiving, and it is time again for us to say Thank You!   Each and every one of you is helping nurses make a difference! I hope that all of you have had a chance to read some of the amazing stories from CNF’s many award recipients on our website, through our e-mail blasts, and now in our newsletter. These stories are real-life examples of how your support and generosity changes the lives of nurses and the patients, families, and communities they care for.

We continue to work hard to recruit monthly donors, and as part of our campaign, we are now reaching out to ambassadors across the country. We are looking for people from every province and territory to act as CNF ambassadors and help us connect and speak with people like you. You already know what a difference you make, and now we need to let others know too!

Stay happy and healthy, share your thoughts and ideas, and help us spread the word:

Invest in nurses! See the difference in health care! Your ‘once a month’ can change someone’s ‘every day’!


Your support is making a difference for

  • Marginalized people
  • Immigrant women
  • Community health
  • Aboriginal peoples


For more information about CNF’s 2014-2015 award recipients, go to cnf-fiic.ca


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