Nurses play critical role in providing care for older adults living with diabetes

November 14, 2016 – WORLD DIABETES DAY

Nurses are often the first healthcare team members to interact with older adults living with diabetes. They are called on to apply their specialized knowledge, training, and skills to educate and motivate patients. 

Terri Kean, Nurse Practitioner and faculty member at the University of PEI, has been recognized by the Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) for her exceptional contribution to improving diabetes management and care.

On World Diabetes Day, CNF is happy to announce that Terri Kean is the 2016-17 recipient of the AstraZeneca PhD Nursing Award.  Terri is a Nurse Practitioner whose work with older adults living with diabetes ignited her passion to have health care providers listen with purpose to their patients and the challenges they face.  Terri became intent on finding ways to convey the value of “whispered messages” and sharing these stories – stories that have the power to transform nursing practice.

Her AstraZeneca PhD Nursing Award is being used to integrate shared decision making with both patients and their providers for chronic disease management in older adults.

“This award leaves me speechless. Sometimes we work away on our own…trying to do the right thing for those in our care – never expecting anyone to notice – such is the spirit of nursing.  However, to be recognized in this way sends a strong message that nurses are doing incredible things to improve patient outcomes … each and every day.  Nowhere is that more evident than in Diabetes Care.”   Terri Kean, Nurse Practitioner

“As one of Canada’s leading health care companies, we recognize the integral and far-reaching role nurses play each day in educating patients and delivering patient-centred care. We’re very proud to be a long-standing supporter of the Canadian Nurses Foundation helping to advance nursing education and research through the AstraZeneca PhD Nursing Award.” Ed Dybka, President, AstraZeneca Canada

“Advancing nursing knowledge is crucial to every aspect of patient care and health service delivery for all Canadians. As Canada’s only national nursing foundation, we are pleased to partner with corporations like AstraZeneca to administer this valuable scholarship fund.”  Christine Rieck Buckley, CEO, Canadian Nurses Foundation