Page Coutlee

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I believe that nursing is an ideal way for me to use my passions to give back to the community.  Mental health is an area of health care that has always interested me due to the fact that it affects everybody.  By working in an intimate environment with community members I will be able to facilitate a stronger holistic and therapeutic relationships with my clients.  I believe that mental health is an area of health that is too often overlooked, and I would like to be a part of the change in the process of eliminating that stigma.  I would be honoured to have the opportunity to help make a difference in this area of health, and on a larger scale to be included in the movement of ending stigmas regarding mental health.

With your considerate support towards my education I am confident that I be able to perform exceptionally in my studies.  Your support empowers me to fulfill my goals (both short and long term) and allows me to feel confident in reaching that outcome.  To have the skills to reach out to people in a holistic and educated manner to help improve their wellbeing is a career that I am excited to embark on.

I sincerely appreciate your generous endowment.