Research Criteria

The Canadian Nurses Foundation provides research grants for pilot studies and research projects on nursing care issues that builds research capacity and improves patient or client outcomes.

The research we fund must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Research on nursing care issues must be practice-based or provide the groundwork for future practice-based studies
  • Address as least one or more of the following  priorities:
    1. Research takes place in clinical settings—where nurses provide care—including non-acute settings, e.g. in the community
    2. Research that involves novice researchers
    3. Research teams are interdisciplinary
  • Must be relevant to decision-makers – the people who control health care resources and/or influence clinical practice

CNF does not fund research that investigates the following:

  • Health system research, for example, nursing recruitment, retention, management, organization, leadership and the issues emerging from health-system restructuring
  • Quality monitoring and improvement projects
  • Personnel awards

Please note that program evaluations will be considered for funding if the study involves the creation of broadly applicable new knowledge for nursing practice.