Our Stories

The story of our organization comes from the stories of our people. The best way to get to know us is to meet our people. And, what incredible people we have at the Canadian Nurses Foundation! We’re working together to promote excellence in nursing that drives positive health outcomes.

We have committed and generous donors who make gifts to support nursing scholarships and research. These agents of change are champions for excellent care and caring in all clinical settings.

We have dedicated volunteer leaders who provide direction and governance to the organization. These capable and talented people give of themselves so that we can be a transformational and credible charity.

We have an energetic and skilled staff team that keep the day-to-day operations running effectively and efficiently. To them, the Foundation is so much more than a place to work – it’s a cause they deeply believe in.

And, of course, we have the nursing students, nurses and scholars, and nurse researchers who are the beneficiaries of our awards and grants. They are the real stories of the Canadian Nurses Foundation.