Awards Program

The Canadian Nurses Foundation provides full reimbursements for CNA nursing specialty certification and renewal exams. Successful completion of the exam must be completed within the year of application.

New This Year : In partnership with the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba, the Canadian Nurses Foundation provides support for Manitoba nurses who are in pursuit of continuing education including the new RNAP accreditation

Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba


Are you a nurse that has just written or renewed your specialty exam? Congratulations! We need more nurses with specific skill sets to ensure excellence in patient care!

Canadian Nurses Foundation provides more than 25 certification awards each year to successful certification candidates. The awards cover the cost of the initial or renewal certification application fee excluding taxes. Applications are open until mid-January each year to ensure both exam classes have an opportunity to apply.

Nurses must be certified in one of the CNA 22 specialties/areas of nursing practice. The application requires an uploaded PDF resume, as well as a small written portion.


  • Application Opens: September 15
  • Application Closes: January 15
  • Application Review: February 
  • Application Notification: Applicants will be notified in May 
  • Award mailed out: May 


  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Must be writing the 2024 CNA certification exam, certification renewal exam, or certification by continuous learning
  • Not be receiving financial support from any other source to pay for the exam fees

Continuing Education Awards

Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba Centennial Legacy Award

This Scholarship shall provide support to Manitoba nurses (LPNs, NPs, RNs and RPNs) from all domains of practice who are in pursuit of post-basic qualifications. This award is only available to Manitoba residents who are members of the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba.

Are you a nurse enrolled in a post-basic program such as the Nurse Prescriber Advanced Certificate, Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Certificate, Nursing Foot Care Program, Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, Perioperative Nursing Certificate, Wound Care Certificate and more?

Congratulations! You can apply for one of two $1,000 new Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba Centennial Legacy Awards to help support your continuing education pursuits.


  • Application Opens: September 15
  • Application Closes: January 15
  • Application Review: February 
  • Application Notification: Applicants will be notified in May 
  • Awards mailed out: May 


  • Must be a member of the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba
  • Must be a resident studying in Manitoba
  • Must provide proof of acceptance in the program
  • Must have completed CNF Continuing Education Awards application

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