Jessica Krahn

Jessica KrahnI am excited to be entering my final year of my BScN at the University of Alberta.  While I am passionate about nursing and the crucial role it plays in healthcare, I can’t think of a defining moment when I knew I wanted to pursue this exciting and challenging career.  I have always loved learning, especially about the human body, while at the same time I value building relationships and hearing people’s stories.  Through my life experiences I also became aware of the immense global need for social justice and equity.  After graduating high school, I began to see nursing as a beautiful way to combine science, as it is foundational to our practice, with a front line, hands-on, and relational career through which I could work and advocate to mitigate some social and health inequities.

I believe that nurses hold tremendous strength and influence both in numbers and through the compassionate, competent, and holistic way that we see and care for our patients.  I look forward to embarking on a journey in nursing that is full of opportunities to make positive changes on an individual, institutional, societal, and global levels.