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Barbara’s Story:

Barbara’s Story

"I was so keen to do it but also wondered how exactly we would “manage”. We were both working at the time and were raising our 3 children." Read More...

Gala 2017:

Gala 2017

Tickets now on sale!

CNF Scholarship Awards:

CNF Scholarship and Certification Awards

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Certification awards deadline: November 30 2017
Scholarship awards now closed. Learn more

Natania’s Story :

Natania’s Story

Nursing school is really, really hard. But it's worth it because I know that as a nurse, I can make a difference in someone's life. Read more...

2017 New Available Scholarships:

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Support Indigenous Nursing:

Support Indigenous Nursing

CNF will raise one million in one year to support Indigenous nursing, with a focus on education, research and mentorship. Read more...