Abdulaziz Aldaqqaq

Amy Zambonin Photography / University of Ottawa Open House March 2019

Entering the BScN program in 2017, I looked forward to the unique opportunity within clinical placements to work with interdisciplinary health care teams and engage in patient care while further developing my communication skills. It was a pleasant surprise when I discovered that nursing had much, much more to offer.

After only three years in the nursing program, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across Canada to present my research with the CNSA while becoming increasingly involved in both student leadership and teaching initiatives. After joining the Undergraduate Nursing Student Association (UNSA) at uOttawa, I developed a specialized mentorship program for nursing students as BScN programs present unique challenges that require unique solutions; the program has helped students flourish academically while fostering professional connections within the nursing community. As current President of the UNSA, I look forward to expanding student engagement initiatives in the coming year and further strengthening the strong sense of community within nursing.

It’s truly an honor to be a CNF scholar and I’m so grateful to the Taggart Parkes Foundation for this award. I aspire to channel the motivation and the funding from this award to continue supporting my education and my community to grow, just as the nursing profession continues to grow and evolve.