Award Recipient

Abigail Otu

Tylenol Bacc Award

 The nursing profession has a plethora of career paths and specialties to study and explore (e.g., ICU, pediatrics, labor and delivery). I am someone who is always looking to embark on new endeavors and step out of their comfort zone. Therefore, being able to have that kind of flexibility is extremely important to me.

In spite of that, one of the main reasons why I chose to become a nurse is because I enjoy serving, helping, and caring for others. I believe this, accompanied by my heart and character, has made this profession a good fit for me and I for it.

As with every profession, nursing has its challenges, but it is just as, if not more, rewarding. As nurses, we are present during some of the hardest and most vulnerable moments of a person’s life. Considering this, we have the opportunity to play significant and pivotal roles in the lives of these strangers who we quickly develop professional relationships with.

Lastly, as a black woman going in to healthcare, I am most excited to be able to advocate for the people who look like me. The disparities and statistics that I read and hear about concerning, but not limited to, black people and healthcare, pushes me to work hard so I can be a part of the change I would like to see. I strive to see that black, indigenous, and people of color have better experiences and health outcomes when they seek care.

Many thanks to the CNF and its donor(s) for making this possible.

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