Ahmed Kamal

Ahmed Kamal Photo

My name is Ahmed Kamal, and I am an Egyptian-Canadian. I have been living in Canada for the past 12 years and have come to appreciate it as my new home. I am entering my second year in the Dalhousie Bachelor of Science Nursing program. I initially chose to become a nurse after witnessing the impact nurses in the hospital had in supporting my family through hard times. Nurses are at the frontline of healthcare and are a big piece of providing competent care. I saw such a career as truly fulfilling and chose to pursue nursing in hopes of being able to support and care for patients and families. I love talking, working, and helping new people and found that nursing was the perfect option. My career goals are to graduate and gain experience working as a nurse before deciding how to further my career. Nursing has a vast field of knowledge and has many career options. For that reason, I would like experience as a nurse before deciding what specialty to work in or whether I would like to pursue being a nurse practitioner. I consistently aim to better my community through my work and volunteering. I have built up many skills that I am proud of, one of them being public speaking as I was able to MC a multicultural show in front of 1500 people. Finally, I would like to thank CNF for giving me the opportunity to pursue my academic and career goals.