Alayna Payne

Alayna PayneWhen I was young, my grandfather told me a story about Nurse Bell. In his youth, he was injured in a devastating accident. It left him questioning his reason for living and his ability to move forward. Nurse Bell used her knowledge, expertise, empathy, and compassion to save my grandfather’s life in more ways than one. Her skill and kindness stayed with him over the years and, in turn, inspired me to become a nurse.

As an RN, I work in Neurosciences and have worked as a nursing tutor as well. My passion for nurse education led me into my Masters in Nursing Education and into my role as a Nurse Educator. In all my work, I am fuelled by a passion for transforming nursing education by empowering students to use their voice to make meaningful, bold change. This passion has also led me into leadership as the Chair of the New Graduate RN Council, a joint initiative between the University of Victoria and Island Health. I lead this multidisciplinary Council that works to provide nursing students, faculty, and employers with strategy and innovation for supporting entry to practice nurses. Serving as Chair is my most cherished accomplishment.