TD Meloche Monnex Award

I am a third year PhD student and recent graduate of the MN/MHSc (Health Administration) program at the University of Toronto. I have always been interested in a variety of different fields, including health policy, nursing administration, economics and human resource management. Because of this, I am conducting interdisciplinary research to explore how nursing intellectual capital impacts organizational performance and innovation.

Outside of my research, I am passionate about engaging the next generation of nurses in becoming active professionals, citizens and health leaders. As a result, I am currently involved in various organizations, such as Emerging Health Leaders Toronto, and am also a Junior Fellow at Massey College. I also enjoy mentoring new nurses and helping them to find their passion within the profession.

Through the support of this generous award, I am able to focus my energy on both my research, as well as my extracurricular activities. In particular, the award will enable me to spend more time connecting and supporting my peers to become positive change agents in their communities. As well, it will allow me the time to work towards my future aspirations of becoming a nurse leader in the policy and research realms.