Amy Lyn Joy Notarte-Morales

Amy Lyn Joy Notarte-MoralesI am a nurse from the Philippines who moved to Canada in 2010. After passing the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam, I was able to work in several areas such as geriatric rehabilitation unit, colo-rectal surgical unit, medical- surgical unit and transition unit. Furthermore, for a short period, I have performed leadership roles as a site manager providing team leadership and organization related to hospital capacity management. Currently, I am employed as a case manager in the Integrated Supportive and Facility Living department. My role includes collaborating with partners and stakeholders across the continuum of the health system including contracted service providers, physicians, and multidisciplinary consult teams.

I chose to become a nurse because this profession entails providing compassionate, competent, and respectful care to people while maintaining ethical standards and accountability. At present, I am studying Master in Nursing with focus in Advanced Health Policy/System Organization. One thing I am very proud of is being able to manage academic responsibilities while working full time, and being a mom and a wife, all at the same time. I am very thankful to God for blessing me with my amazing family, colleagues, and academic professors who support me continually in this endeavor.