Award Recipient

Andrew Watson

Nova Scotia Nurses Award

Nursing is a career choice where opportunities abound in almost any field, anywhere in the world — and as a nursing student, I’ve only just begun to explore where this vibrant and fulfilling career can take me. Receiving the Nova Scotia Nurses Scholarship will enable me to further explore the different niches of nursing here in Canada and abroad. Entering my third year, I’ve had the privilege of delivering care in various settings including the emergency room, med/surg wards, long-term care and most recently in a global health capacity in rural South East Asia.

This scholarship helps make participating in global health nursing possible: my experience inspired and renewed my passion for global health. I hope to gain experience in delivering health care on the global stage through volunteer work abroad and here at home. The award will permit me to dedicate time to volunteering and using my nursing knowledge and caring spirit to aid in the quest for global health equity. I will also be able to participate in extracurricular conferences and workshops to expand my knowledge and experience base, adding to my ability to deliver quality care to patients and communities at home and abroad

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