Award Recipient

Anika Daclan

CNSA BIPOC Nursing Award

My family’s Sunday night conversations at the dinner table, my observations of the environment and my parent’s work cultivated my passion for social justice from a very young age.

I became cognizant of the different systemic barriers: including judgment, stigma and other social and economic factors that many individuals may face. I became intrigued with their unique experiences in the context of our political and economic climate. Thus, I spent my free time volunteering in soup kitchens, neighbourhood houses, and the Each One Teach One program in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. These experiences inspired me to continuously be an active member of my community by being open-minded and intellectually curious to help enrich others’ lives through service, leadership, and personal development.

These interests translated into wanting a career in nursing when I learned that nursing is a profession rooted in social justice responsibilities. Nursing became the perfect trifecta of all my passions. When the COVID pandemic hit, nurses become the pillars and the heroes we could rely on, which cemented my desire with hopes of creating meaningful impacts in my community and beyond.

It is truly an honour to be a CNF scholar. I am so grateful for this award.

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