Anthony Daniele

MVIMG_20190723_222807A friendly, low-key “Hey” from lovely Vancouver to those of you reading my bio; my name’s Anthony, a 3rd term nursing student at the University of British Columbia.  Before I started on this strange trip of nursing assessments, bed baths, medications, and so much else, I was a graduate student at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George where I worked to understand the biochemistry and evolution of microscopic algae (thrilling, I know). After sitting behind a lab bench for two years watching plant proteins slowly separate as they moved through what amounts to gels made of sugar, I knew that I needed a little more interaction with people in my working day to feel content. One time-crunched nursing school application and a change of address later, I now find myself a year into the UBC nursing program and having already worked with people in more meaningful ways than ever before. Reflecting on this period of time a bit, what springs to mind are not so much any academic or clinical accomplishments but, instead, the connections I’ve been fortunate enough to make with so many remarkable, talented, and wonderful peers and faculty. It’s through them that I’ve been able to manage my first jittery steps into nursing, forging better relationships with my patients as a result of their invaluable guidance and diverse wisdom that, truth be told, would have taken me a lifetime to learn otherwise. Going forward, I’m so excited knowing that it’s with these and other amazing health care professionals that I will get to continue to learn and develop as a nurse.