Award Recipient

Ashraf Ranjani

CNF Diversity Award

I was the third child of the family; my eldest sister was a registered nurse. I always get the inspiration from her, how she dealt with the humanity and carried out her tasks as a nurse while working with diverse cultures. When I analyzed myself, I felt that I would be a good nurse as I possess a kind nature, loving, attitude and good communication skills. I once read “Researchers found the concepts of caring and nurturance were identified as high motivators for choosing to nurse” (Williams, Wertenberger, Hames, Gushuliak, 1997). With these thoughts, I chose my profession as a nurse, which later became my passion.

Through self-realization, I have learned that I am a compassionate, well-versed individual who can work with individual holistically. It encompasses serving all people. It is born of respect for individuals and grown by skill and service. Throughout my learning and career so far, I believe that nursing entails serving during the most significant moments of an individual’s life; baby’s first cry to a man’s last breath, with management skills, technical expertise, and practical wisdom.

As of now, I am aiming to get my nursing license in Canada, after that I am meticulous and focused on serving at all levels of care. I am looking forward to using my knowledge, skill, competency, critical thinking and professionalism to work collaboratively with other health care professionals in Canada.

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