Award Recipient

Betty Wang

Eaton Foundation Award

My inspiration to become a nurse came from my volunteer experience at the local nursing home. I had always wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field, but I was unsure of the profession that I wanted to work in, so I decided to become a volunteer in the nursing home. At the nursing home, I met nurses who would take care of their patients as if they were family. I remember a lot of the nurses would spend the extra time to interact with patients and to hear their stories. They demonstrated such strong compassion and dedication that I was determined to become a nurse who is committed to bring positivity to all patients. Fast forward to my last year of high school, where I met a truly inspirational nurse who worked in the mental health community. She has spearheaded many advocacy campaigns that have had positive impact on the mental health field. While listening to her story, I was inspired to follow her footstep and to end the stigma that many living with mental health conditions currently face.
Since my first year in nursing school, I have met so many more incredible nurses who have empowered me to continue my involvement in school, and to bring positive changes to our community. Receiving an award from CNF will allow me to allocate more time to focus on spearheading mental health initiatives. Thank you so much to all the people that made this scholarship possible!

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