Frances Mary Stoddart Award

I am entering my third year of nursing at MacEwan University, and I am excited to continue pursuing my dream of clinical research. I entered nursing for the scope of practice, and because nurses were doing the kinds of work I was interested in. I am consistently surprised by the unique challenges I face in my clinical practice, and the broad array of knowledge that nurses and nurse researchers must be familiar with. I have also developed a vast appreciation for the nurses who help with clinical research in hospitals. I am working on a nation-wide project with the Canadian Association for Nurse Research on how nurse apparel affects the public perception of their professionalism, and I am happy to see all the different avenues that nursing research can follow. I am so happy to be able to dedicate more time to these projects that interest me and expand my knowledge. I am looking forward to pursuing more research experiences and meeting people who are doing great things to advance our knowledge.