Northern Nursing Award

My name is Carly Thomson and my pronouns are she/her. I grew up in Labrador where I gained many firsthand experiences with the health care system in isolated communities. I have one year left of my Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Dalhousie University and I am eager to become a Registered Nurse and start giving back to the community. My interest and passion for nursing has evolved over the last few years. I am a lifelong learner, and nursing seemed like a natural career choice with nearly endless possibilities. I look forward to meeting new people every day, hearing their stories, and treating them in a holistic manner. I aspire to be a new graduate with fresh eyes, an optimistic viewpoint, and high energy to contribute to the ever-changing health care world. After graduation, I plan on travelling and working in isolated and northern communities within Canada. My values include treating the whole patient and not just their illness, and that disease prevention is key. Additionally, I believe that everyone deserves dignified and appropriate health care no matter where they are located.