Cathy Liu


Hello! My name is Cathy Liu and I am entering my third year of nursing at the University of Calgary. I decided to pursue an education in nursing because I wanted a career that is challenging, face paced, and rewarding. Every day, nurses are at the center of a face-paced job where they are able to positively impact and make a difference in patient lives. My education and clinicals have reinforced the importance and the vital role that nurses play in promoting the health of individuals, families, and communities. I have had the chance to learn from incredible nurses and instructors who have inspired me to become a nurse who can make a difference. My most memorable and proudest moment as a nursing student was during my clinical placement at a long-term care center where I was able to positively impact a patient’s life. This resident helped me realize the importance of developing rapport with a patient. It was not the assessment or skills I practiced but rather the quality time I spent with the resident that made an impact. In the future, I aspire to become a nurse that practices consistently at a high level of professionalism and inspires others to pursue the exciting profession of nursing.