Award Recipient

Chanelle Lyon

CNSA BIPOC Nursing Award

I became a nurse because it was the path that I happily found myself on. As I got older and discovered more about myself and my family history, I found that not only did I end up down this path, but so did my disconnected family members. My grandmother from Jamaica was able to come to Canada and not only become a nurse but gain her master’s in nursing. My other grandmother shared with me that she aspired to be a nurse as well prior to the commitments which she ensued. It felt like a calling. It wasn’t a glamorous route, as I started off as a housekeeper in a long-term care facility. However, this role and time in my life are what created an opportunity to be introduced and intrigued by the nursing field. I loved interacting with the residents of this facility. The nurses that had worked in this facility were excellent. They were not only supportive and compassionate but knowledgeable. Overall, they were great presentations of the profession. They enticed me to the thought of possibly applying and beginning the journey of becoming a nurse. That was five years ago, and I cannot wait to see where this journey continues to take me. Thank you so much Canadian Nurses Foundation for providing me with

this opportunity! It is well received and appreciated.

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