Award Recipient

Chidiebere Ezenyem

CNF COVID-19 People of Colour Award

Born and raised in a rural area to be compassionate and considerate in all things, I gravitated towards the rural remote practice, after I graduated from Medical Radiography and Radiological Sciences. Having a flair for a bit of adventure, and still nurturing my childhood curious and inquisitive mind, saw me taking up my first professional job in Canada to work in Nunavut!

Once settled there as a Radiologic Technologist, I found out that I may have to work more with machines, keeping the quality assured and less with humans! I traveled round the other communities from my base, but mostly to train others or to take quality assurance readings from machines. I could see the need, it was up and close, I could palpate it, but then it dawned on me that I have limitations to how much I could be involved, in making a difference in the lives of the Inuits that live there. Wanting to be a bit more involved in the care, from admission to discharge, I saw that the beautiful profession of Nursing will not only offer me that opportunity, but with the setting there, will literally be the only means for some of the communities without physicians.

After making my mark, considerably to a great extent as a Radiologic Technologist, I applied and got an admission to study Nursing and I hope to become an Emergency Room Nurse, someday, soon!

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