Award Recipient

Chloe Norris

CNSA Indigenous Award

Growing up, my mother would always allude to my inquiring mind.  From a young age, I was passionately curious about many things in life, often asking why things were the way they were and not settling for unfulfilling answers.  It was through practicing this mindfulness of wanting to learn something new every day and deeply caring for others that drove my passion to become a nurse.

If I am being honest, it was nerve-wracking entering the professional practice setting at the age of seventeen.  I was sharing the classroom setting with brilliant individuals who were on their second or third degrees with families at home and demonstrated a wealth of life experience.  It was my inquiring mind that helped me flourish in the compelling world of nursing.

I have developed a sincere passion for Indigenous health advocacy as I enter into my final semester of the McMaster University and Conestoga College collaborative Bachelor of Science in nursing program.  Through my involvement on the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association board of directors as the Indigenous Health Advocacy Committee Ally, I was introduced to remarkable Indigenous colleagues who inspire me to continue my advocacy work.

Through participating in a rural and remote nursing placement in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut in the spring/summer semester of 2018, I witnessed firsthand the health inequities that exist in Canada’s North.  I also witnessed the beauty of a resilient culture.  I want to share my experience with other nursing students and collaborate with Indigenous student leaders to support culturally-safe care through awareness and encouragement of advocacy at the point of care.

Thank you to the Canadian Nurses Foundation for supporting my lifelong dream to advance the specialty of rural and remote nursing practice and promote the health of our Indigenous Peoples through selecting me as a scholar.

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