Manitoba Registered Nurses Centennial Legacy Scholarship

Nurses were the backbone of the health system in my experiences with the health system growing up in a rural community.   It was because of the inspiration of those nurses that I decided to join the profession.  I have now been a nurse for over 13 years. I currently work as a primary care nurse providing care to patients with a preventative focus.

Primary care nursing is my passion. I enjoy the opportunity to work with people of all ages with a wide variety of care needs.  Each day brings new learning opportunities.  I am constantly challenged, yet supported to grow professionally.  By far the most rewarding aspect of being a primary care nurse is the relationships I have developed with patients and families over the years.

I believe health care can be best provided to Canadians with collaborative interdisciplinary practice, with nurses at the heart of the system. Primary care nurses are optimally situated to provide comprehensive care with an aim of prevention to reduce the burden on the health system.  I have worked with the Manitoba Primary Care Nurses Association and the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association on their executive committees to promote and support primary care nursing roles across Canada.

I am now enrolled at Athabasca University in the Master of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner program. I look forward to continuing to practice in primary care in my new advanced role upon completion of the program.