Dr. Helen Glass Award

I am a student at Athabasca University in the Master of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner program in my second year of part-time study. Currently I work in a Family Medicine Residency training clinic as a primary care nurse. I volunteer as a nurse mentor at the Winnipeg Interdisciplinary Student-Run Health Clinic. I am currently the Acting President of the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association, and the Past President of the Manitoba Primary Care Nurses Association.

Primary care nursing is my passion. I believe that nurses hold the key to ensuring that quality and affordable primary care services are available to all Canadians. Upon completion of the NP program I plan to continue to work in primary care, promoting the role of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Practical Nurses in this specialty practice area. I am working with the CFPNA to develop national standards of practice for primary care nurses. My goal is to help produce a framework that encourages nurses to work to their fullest scope of practice.

In my current job I am involved in interdisciplinary practice and education of Family Medicine Residents. I have seen the value of collaborative practice in patient outcomes. I hope to continue to be involved in the education of nurses, physicians, and allied health students to help learners develop skills in collaborative, interdisciplinary practice.