Christina Park

Christina ParkThe photo is a picture of my 6 year old son Logan and me, on my first day of clinical. HE is the reason I became a nurse.  I had been staying home with him for four years when I decided I not only wanted a career change, I wanted a career that was rewarding and worth spending time away from him.  By becoming a nurse, I knew I would have a career that allowed me a chance to influence the lives of many people through daily care, education, and meaningful relationships.  Logan is always asking questions about my school work and he is proud to let people know his mommy is a nurse, and I am so very honored to have the privilege of being his role model.

I look forward to finishing my degree in nursing and moving into a career in community health nursing.  I am passionate about improving the lives of others through education and understanding to prevent illness and improve the health of my clients.  I believe passionately in a health promotion approach to preventing illness and I look forward to being able to improve the lives of others through education and awareness.