NANB CNA Centennial Scholarship

Since I was a young girl, I always liked to help people around me and health was always intriguing me. That is when I decided to become a nurse. I completed my bachelor’s degree and went on to travel as a nurse. I worked as a registered nurse in Canada, Switzerland and then in the USA before coming back home to Canada. I now work as a nurse clinician doing virtual primary care. I decided to become a nurse practitioner because I love doing primary care and I feel that I have a lot I can bring to clients.

I love the human interactions and all the education that we provide to clients to help them achieve a better health. I love that I get to spend so much time with them. I really feel honored to be able to work by their side and that they share their stories with me.  What I also appreciate, is to be able to discuss and establish a plan of care that will work for them and that is more realistic and easier for them to achieve. I find it so important to involve the clients in their care, it empowers them so much and they get much better results that way.

I truly love being a nurse and I am so grateful I chose this career. I have become such a better person because of it.