Award Recipient

Claire Morden

Johnson & Johnson Award

While growing up and living in rural, Northwestern Ontario, I have always dreamed of a career in healthcare where I could help others in my community. With so many different avenues in healthcare to pursue, I was not entirely sure which pathway would suit me best. However, I knew that I needed an exciting career that would challenge me in my day-to-day work, offer lifelong learning and chances to use my voice to advocate for others, while making a positive impact on diverse groups around me. When an opportunity to become a registered nurse arose in my community, I decided to take the plunge and, ultimately, fell in love with nursing. Nursing has provided me with everything I have been looking for in a career and I am so proud of the profession I have chosen. My goal in nursing is to follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a critical care nurse, with the hopes of working alongside her in our local intensive care unit, as well as the emergency department. I am honoured to have received the Johnson & Johnson Award, which will help support me on my journey of becoming a critical care nurse. I would like to thank the Canadian Nurses Foundation for selecting me for this award, and my family, friends, and colleagues for their unwavering support and encouragement.

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