Award Recipient

Courage Osa-Nappier

Tylenol Bacc Award

My name is Courage Osa-Nappier and I am a nursing student at the University of Prince Edward Island in PEI, Canada. I decided to become a nurse because of my passion for making a positive impact in people’s lives. I like to improve and encourage good healthy living and I thrive to promote mental wellness and also find ways to prevent or reduce the chance of people getting sick. I feel fortunate to be at UPEI nursing program because I have learned a lot on how to provide care for people in a holistic manner caring for their physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, psycho-social health, family health and so on. These made me realize that a patient is more than just a diagnosis, or a medical puzzle meant to be solved in a snapshot. Nursing looks at the big picture.

Nursing career is such a great path because it opens the gateway to a variety of both public and private job opportunities upon graduation. I certainly intend to further my training and become a nurse practitioner someday after gaining more experience as a registered nurse. Winning this award means a lot to me because it recognizes BIPOC students contribution to nursing on our journey to become representatives for BIPOC to provide health equity and cultural sensitive care. I feel blessed to be part of Nursing and like to thank CNF for this award.

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