TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Baccalaureate

I am currently attending nursing school at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, starting my second semester of 3rd year of nursing in the SCBScN program. I have served on the nursing student council for the last year as the Aboriginal & Cultural student representative. My position is to promote Aboriginal activities and events. I have done numerous volunteering activities around campus and have worked along side the Aboriginal nursing student advisor with promoting the SCBScN program. I have been recognized as an ambassador of the program and have recently received the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Outstanding Citizenship award. I am a hard-working nursing student and enjoy spending my free time volunteering.

I am in the accelerated program, which allows me to finish the program eight months in advance. I have sacrificed my summer months to complete classes and have been successful. I plan to complete the SCBScN program in August of 2016. I have been chosen one of six students to participate in a six-week international pediatrics practicum in Colima, Mexico. I will be departing from Saskatoon in October 2015, and with the sponsorship of this award I am able to pay for my accommodations. I am focused on completing my RN degree and aspire to gain a masters degree in nursing so that I may teach in a classroom or clinical setting.