Cynthia Davis

Cindy DavisAfter more than 25 years in the nursing profession the reason why I started seems as relevant to me now as it did then, fundamentally the desire to help people and make a difference. Nursing has afforded me the luxury of a meaningful lifelong career.

In both my education and working life I was fortunate to have teachers, mentors and colleagues who helped shape the nurse I am today and the paths I have chosen in this very diverse profession. I began my graduate degree with every intention on pursuing a teaching career.  Yet a turn in the road took me down a path of nursing administration.  I clearly remember a nursing leader I worked with at the time saying “just image how many people lives will be impacted by the decisions you make and how many nurses you will interact with throughout your career”.  I haven’t forgotten that message and the impact nurses can have.  I am hoping that my pursuit of a PhD will help me make stronger research-based decisions that strengthen our healthcare system; for the same reasons I started in this profession, to help people and to make a difference.