CNSA Community Involvement Award

I chose to pursue nursing as this profession will allow me to work in patient-facing settings and fulfill my values of compassion and curiosity. I will enter my final year of the BScN program at the University of Toronto in fall 2021. Outside of my studies, I strive to improve access to health services and health-related education to support vulnerable populations. I am proud to have co-led a faculty-supported workshop this spring on the topic of 2SLGBTQ+ health for my peers. The workshop provided an overview of issues faced by the community within the healthcare system and nursing care of the queer community. I have taken part in many virtual learning opportunities this year, such as a workshop about offering translation assistance to patients when professional services are unavailable. I frequently advocate for the increased use of available translation services. During my spare time, I contributed to a community outreach program where volunteers engaged in calls with seniors from the GTA that live alone to support their well-being by reducing social isolation. It is only the beginning of my nursing journey; I look forward to a career full of opportunities to support others in such ways!