Award Recipient

Danielle Bourque

TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Baccalaureate

As a First Nations women currently studying to be a Registered Nurse at the University of Alberta, I am very proud on how far I have come and grown in the last three years of my degree. My experience thus far in nursing has allowed me to explore and challenge my inner self to come into who I am today. I look back on my journey with such gratitude, especially with the help of CNF I would not be able to exist in the academic world. I am still thriving to incorporate as much traditional knowledge into my practice to create a balance of western and traditional nursing practice. One of my future goals when I finish my degree, is to work out in the community with mainly First Nations, Inuit and Métis populations, so it is imperative that I find a balance to be able to provide the best culturally competent care to my future patients and communities.

Over the previous year, I have also gained a great interest in working with mothers and newborns; hopefully one day this new-found passion of mine can be incorporated into the area of nursing I want to end up in. Lastly, this award from CNF it has allowed me to continue my studies and get one more year closer to my goal of being a Registered Nurse. I am very grateful for the support CNF provides to not only me, but also every student who they support. Thank you and here’s to another successful school year everyone!

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