Award Recipient

Deanne O’Rourke

Dr. Ann Beckingham Award

I am a Registered Nurse, certified in gerontological nursing, and a hold a Bachelor and Master of Nursing. I am currently enrolled in the Nursing PhD Program at the University of Manitoba.  In addition to my student responsibilities, I work part-time as a Clinical Nurse Specialist providing clinical support to eight long-term care homes in Manitoba.

Looking back at the early beginnings of my career, I began my nursing education immediately after graduating from high school, as I was inspired by a friend’s mom who worked as a nurse in long-term care. She lent me some textbooks from her nursing courses and I became interested in the complexities and intricacies of human anatomy and biology, as well as the difference nurses could make for people in times of stress and illness.  Once I graduated as a nurse, I worked in a hospital setting for a few years before turning my full attention to the care of older adults and their families.  For the majority of my 25-year nursing career, my area of clinical work and interest has been within the field of gerontological nursing and long-term care.

My PhD research will focus on improving person-centred communication and interactions between care staff and residents of long-term care homes. Through this work, I hope to continue my efforts to enhance the current long-term care environment for individuals in our care and improve our ability to meet the challenges, needs and expectations of the residents and families of the future.

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