Sanofi Pasteur Limited Scholarship in Public/Community Health

Choosing nursing remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Starting my career in an often-hectic emergency room in Winnipeg was tremendously rewarding and remains a setting of exponential professional and personal growth. As I critically reflect on my practice and my interactions with my patients, I see how unfairly the generational effects of the social determinants of health negatively affect the overall well-being of my patients. I also trained in epidemiological research at the Manitoba site of the CHILD cohort study, with a focus on learning about the developmental origins of health and disease.

Together with my passion for global health, my experiences in the ER sparked my interest in public health and my research work ignited a passion to learn how to leverage data to strengthen quality public health service delivery globally. I am very grateful for the CNF Sanofi Pasteur Limited Scholarship which allows to me to continue my training in the MscPH program at McGill University.

My training will allow me to bridge the gap between nursing and data science, especially in global public health, to advance an area where nurses are well equipped to lead in but noticeably absent from.