Delasi Essien

Delasi EssienWhen asked why I chose to be a nurse, my answer is always, “nursing chose me!” Coming from a country where nurses are sometimes regarded as the underdogs of the health professions, my dream was always to be a medical doctor. However, shortly after immigrating to Canada to pursue an education in medicine, my family experienced an unfortunate tragedy which left my sister hospitalized for many months. As I sat dutifully by her bedside in the hospital, I observed the competence and dedication of the nurses that took care of her with great admiration. Nurses were most definitely not the underdogs! They were autonomous decision-makers in the healthcare structure and worked with such astute levels of intelligence, critical thinking, and professionalism. Right there in the hospital, amidst adversity, I had found my calling.  I went on to complete my baccalaureate and master’s degree programs in nursing, and I am currently a doctoral student in the nursing program at the University of Regina. Over the years, I have found

a niche in academia, and my passion for teaching and learning motivates me to pursue excellence in the area of nursing education and leadership.