CNF Diversity Award

I am an internationally educated nurse from the Philippines. As a girl who grew up in a province, I saw how hard it is for most people to avail of even the simplest medical support every person has the right to.  Since then, I promised myself that I will do my best to extend help to the most needy.  As soon as I passed my qualifying exam, I started joining volunteer works in delivering basic health support.

A few years after, I decided to move to another country to enrich my profession while also supporting my family. Hence, I moved to Canada and tried my luck in here.  My journey in upgrading my profession here was a roller coaster ride but with the support of my family, friends and organizations like Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF), I know everything will be great.  I got my LPN license last July 2017 and will be starting my RN Bridging program this coming September 2017.  Now, I am one step closer of becoming a Canadian RN.

CNF has opened the door of success to me when I was chosen to become one of the recipients of their scholarship. This award will eventually ease my financial burden and will let me focus on my studies and nursing practice.  CNF’s passion in helping nurses to fulfill their dreams fueled me to do better and excel in my craft.  CNF is one of God’s greatest blessing to me.  Thank you for the opportunity and more blessings to come on your organization.