Devonne Brandys

Devonne BrandysMy name is Devonne Brandys and I am currently completing my first year of the After-Degree Nursing Program at the University of Alberta. I decided to become a nurse in order to work holistically with diverse individuals, and to promote research, disease management, and prevention. My greatest hope is to contribute to finding cures for autoimmune and genetic illnesses. I am very passionate about these diseases as they impact a great many lives and require understanding, compassion, and collaboration. Throughout my time in the nursing program, physical activity and mindfulness, such as running and yoga, have been invaluable in ensuring balance in my life. I am most proud of completing my Master’s of Science in Medical Anthropology where I examined the relationship between socioeconomic factors and health outcomes. I am eager to combine this training with my practice as a nurse to provide individualized care to the patients I see. Previously, I worked as a Knowledge Translation Scientist exploring evidence-based practice, which has and will continue to influence and lead my nursing practice. As a nurse, I will strive to stay informed of current research on best practices, facilitate patient advocacy and participation, and encourage organizational change to implement evidence into practice.