Award Recipient

Domonique Bourque

TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Baccalaureate

Thank you for granting me the TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund scholarship again, as well a very gracious thank you to the Canadian Nursing Foundation Merit Review Panel for reviewing my application.

When I finished my first year of nursing I wasn’t achieving the academic marks I was hoping for, as I worked as much as I could and barely applied for any grants, bursaries or scholarships. Going into my second year of nursing I applied for many grants, bursaries and scholarships and was selected for three; the Aboriginal Health Career Bursary, the Indspire Health Career Bursary, and the TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award. Being able to focus solely on my studies and nursing practice from grants and scholarships made me excel in my second year of nursing. This award will enable me to be a better nurse by having the appropriate resources, new nursing supplies and up-to-date textbooks with best practices, and help me continue my studies in a less stressful environment.

I plan to work with indigenous communities; I am very interested in working with at-risk youth and young adults suffering from mental health and wellness issues. I have attended a variety of indigenous health conferences, all discussing the lack of resources in indigenous communities. These past two years of nursing has made me realize the inequity that indigenous people face and I want to help others acknowledge and recognize this devastating experience. I hope by the time I graduate as a registered nurse (RN) I will have or be affiliated with an indigenous community or population, making a difference in their lives when dealing with health care professionals.

Thank you again for awarding me the TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund award for the second year. This grant will be used with care and sincerity to assist me in becoming a great nurse.

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