Edem Ekpe

Edem EkpeI have just completed the second year of the Bachelor of Nursing program at the University of Calgary. My choice to become a nurse stems from my experience working in environmental conservation with families in rural African communities, where I observed how the health of individuals, families, and communities integrates with other aspects of their lives, especially the resources available in their community and environment. This experience fueled my strong interest in nursing that affects the general wellbeing of patients and their families. As someone who believes that teamwork with patients promotes their wellbeing, I believe nursing will give me many opportunities to work in teams that support people to recover from a vulnerable state and to stay healthy.

As a nursing student, I am most proud of peer-tutoring and the teamwork I do with my fellow students. Moreover, I am very proud to be a recipient of the Canadian Nursing Students Association (CNSA) Environmental Stewardship Award. This award will enable me to contribute my past experiences to the nursing profession in the next semesters of the program.