Award Recipient

Elena Rubi

CeraVe Skincare Scholarships for Diversity and Equity

I care a lot about people. I have always had this nurturing and caring nature from childhood. I loved being ‘Mom’ during play time and felt good when taking care of others. Eventually I grew to become the confidant for my friends, the shoulder to cry on, and the person to uplift your spirit. The nursing profession enhances my passion for caring for others. As a first-generation Filipino Canadian woman, I wanted to be someone that my parents were proud of. I wanted to take care of my parents so they would not have to worry anymore. Mental health eventually became prevalent in my life as an adolescent. Once my mom became ill, my passion for nursing grew more. I wanted to graduate and become a mental health nurse then, become a Nurse Practitioner so that I may learn to help care for my mom. I realized that I also have this fire inside me driven by justice. Advocating for issues such as women’s rights, LGBTQ2+ rights, anti-racism, truth and reconciliation with Indigenous people, gives me the privilege and opportunity to be a vessel in continuing these important conversations. The beauty of nursing is that I can do all of these things while caring for those in need. Nursing allows for creativity, growth, and innovation to be cultivated and that is why I became a nurse. 

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