Award Recipient

Eliza Hall

CNSA Parents in Nursing Award

I decided to become a nurse when the medical transcription career I was pursuing was complicated by robots taking over my profession! (By robots, I mean Speech Recognition software). Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of providing for my family and at a loss for what I should do, I took a poll of family members about what they thought I should do; one sibling suggested software engineering but my hands and mind were tired and bored of computers and keyboards. Another sibling suggested nursing; I had never considered the nursing profession before and the necessary years of prerequisites and formal schooling were especially daunting as an “older” student and a parent of young children. It all seemed impractical, but a tiny spark was ignited by the suggestion and I decided to consider it seriously. After that moment, I started noticing nurses and their impact everywhere and kept a running document of quotes, poems, scenes in movies and tv, and personal stories that kept popping up. I evaluated this collection of experiences, decided that I could be a “good nurse” and took a leap of faith jumping into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program with both feet. Thankfully, as I started and completed more and more of my courses and clinical placements, I felt validated in my choice. I feel I am undertaking something that is valuable, rewarding, and a service to society, would provide a promising career with many exciting opportunities, and a stable path for my family.

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