Northern Award

I am honoured to receive the CNF Northern Award in 2014.  I am grateful for the opportunity to enter my second year of the BSN program at Camosun College knowing that I will be able to focus my attention on my academic studies and on my family rather than on finances.  I grew up in northern Alberta where I was inspired to pursue social and environmental justice for our indigenous communities and for future generations, and, to this end, in 2004 I completed a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and environmental studies.  Discussions with a nurse practitioner at my midwife’s clinic helped me to decide to study nursing as a logical extension of my passion for research, health care, and social justice.  This year, I will continue to integrate my previous learning with my current nursing studies; I am particularly interested in the ways that nurses conduct research, generate knowledge, and advocate for equity within the health care system.  I will also continue to work towards the development of a nursing students’ society at our college in order to encourage student participation in professional and social events, curriculum development, fundraising, and networking.  In the future, I hope to complete a master’s degree in order to become a nurse practitioner, or else pursue a PhD in order to contribute to the discipline of nursing.