Award Recipient

Elsa Arteaga

Tylenol Masters Award

I vividly remember walking into my high school counsellor’s office, to discuss my post-secondary education plans. I knew I enjoyed the sciences, but there was a part of me that understood my passion in building meaningful relationships. I decided to take a chance and apply to a profession where I could merge both interests- this profession was nursing. The path towards becoming an RN was challenging, yet it provided me with invaluable lessons and tools to form my practice. Throughout all my nursing positions, I have felt extremely honored that I could be part of a family’s journey. I am grateful to share their excitement, and I am humbled when I can provide support during difficult experiences. I take pride in my dedication to patient care, yet I also take pride in admitting when I need to momentarily step back to re-center my energy. I became a nurse to care for those who needed it, but the profession awarded me with a wealth of experiences. I felt ready to take the next step in my career, I have started on the path towards becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. I wanted to extend my role in not only supporting families, but also guiding and championing for their care as a primary provider. I have been a nurse for ten years, yet I feel there is so much more to learn and grow from as this new chapter begins. 

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