NANB CNA Centennial Scholarship

My name is Ema Balihodzic. I am from New Brunswick.  I am currently studying to be a Nurse Practitioner through Athabasca University.

I developed an adoration for learning at a young age and decided to pursue a career in nursing as a way to combine my interest in health sciences with my goal of helping vulnerable populations. One of the best jobs I had was when I worked as a clinical nursing instructor for the University of New Brunswick. I had the opportunity to influence new nurses and their future care, but in addition to this, I became more self-aware of what I want to do moving forward in my career. I learned that I wanted to continue a career in teaching and expand my role in the clinical setting to have the capability to diagnose and treat certain conditions. This is what led me to doing a Masters of Nursing degree, which I am now halfway through. I hope to one day be able to teach and share my experiences with nursing students in a university setting.

It is an absolute honor to be recognized as a Canadian Nursing Foundation Scholar and I am very thankful to be a recipient of the NANB CNA Centennial Scholarship award.