Award Recipient

Emily McInnis

Sharon Nield Memorial Award

Thank you so much for this amazing award! I am honoured to be receiving it, and grateful for what it will help me to achieve. My name is Emily McInnis and I am in my fourth year of studies in the nursing program at the University of Victoria (UVic). I entered the nursing program with a passion for community and family health. I continue to value those areas of nursing, and intended to specialize in those capacities one day. However, throughout my studies, I have discovered other areas of nursing that have ignited a passion in me, including emergency and critical care nursing. I feel that by beginning my career in these high intensity environments, then eventually moving into public or community health, I will come to understand the full spectrum of the human experience with health. I have been fortunate to be accepted to an emergency specialty program through UVic to be completed over the next year, and this scholarship will help me realize managing the extra costs associated with it. Being a mother, as well as an active member of the UVic Nursing Students’ Society, my plate is quite full and the freedom of mind that this award will afford me is invaluable to me and my family. I greatly appreciate the support in helping me to realize my potential as a nurse as I feel I have a lot to give back to my patients and the community. Thank you again!

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