Emily Sandre

Emily SandreMy name is Emily Sandre and I am a nursing student at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I live in Ottawa, Ontario where I am currently working as a Personal Support Worker at a local retirement home. I first became interested in the nursing profession after an aptitude test revealed that my interest in the sciences and my love for working with people suited the role well. By working with the incredible nurses at the retirement home and my amazing professors at university, I have met role models who demonstrate the art of nursing and continue to inspire me to follow in their footsteps. When compared to other health care professions, I believe that nurses are in a unique position to work on an individual level with patients to create meaningful, therapeutic relationships over the entire course of the health care process. I look forward to continue my learning in my undergraduate degree and I hope to pursue a more specialized career in paediatrics nursing.